Four Reasons You Should Try Solo Travel (At Least Once)

I wrote this article for Passion8 Magazine originally which you can find here. There are some great articles and it is definitely worth taking a look through.

When I tell people that I lived in London, UK and traveled to a few places in Europe this past year, they usually ask who I went with. When I say I went alone, some people comment on how “brave” that is, while others react with sadness with the assumption that I have no friends. The latter of which is not true (I believe).

I feel as though some people think they will discover their “true selves” or have some sort of breakthrough in life, if they travel alone. For me, this did not happen and I think it rarely does. I must admit, I have changed for the better, but it’s really not as that drastic or spiritual as the internet makes it sound.

I personally believe  that everyone should travel alone at least once in their life. Some may find that they do not enjoy it and others, such as myself, will love it. Thinking back to my travels, I came up with four reasons why you should try solo travel (at least once):

1) The opportunity to go where you want, when you want: Are you tired? Do you want to go back to the hostel yet? Are you sure, because I dont mind staying out longer? Well, its up to you. It doesnt matter. This doesn’t happen when you travel alone!

2) Meet new people: Staying in hostels, if you chose to, gives you the opportunity to make friends with people from around the world. I met so many inspiring people, and a few I hope to stay in touch with and visit in the future.

3) No need to wait for people to have the money or time: Many people put off traveling until they have the time and money to do it, which is completely fine, but if you have the time and money now, why wait for someone else? Why not just go?

4) Learn about you: When you travel alone you are with only yourself and your thoughts. You learn so much about your strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. You also have the chance to gain confidence in yourself and your decisions.

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Photo Friday: Boston Commons


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My Quest to a More Sustainable Life: My Vegan Issues

I don’t know why, but this time it feels so much different going vegan.

I was a vegan from September 2011 – May 2012. I chose to return to vegetarianism May 2012 for many reason that I won’t get into. Two big ones were: not having too much support from my friends and family, and returning to living at home with a meat-eating family so it was easier to be vegetarian.

I must say I am very glad I was not a vegan when I was traveling in Europe, I found it difficult just as a vegetarian. I very much admire those who travel to places with different cultures as a vegan. While I was living in London though, I was surrounded by people who not only understood and supported veganism, but also many people living a vegan lifestyle.

Now I am back at university, and kind of sad that I don’t have the massive support I would have had in London. Don’t get me wrong, I do have support here and very much appreciate it, but in London I was surrounded by people with the same interests and passions. I felt so motivated while I was surrounded by those people, that’s when I decided I would return to veganism when I started university again. Now that I’m back and I don’t have people who are so passionate about the same things as me around, I feel so unmotivated to be a vegan. Deep down I know it’s what I want to do, and what I should be doing right now, but being surrounded by people who make off hand comments and who don’t care (or care enough to ask) why I chose to become a vegan (and I mean really ask) and why it means so much to me, makes me wonder if it’s all worth the effort.

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Road Trip Adventure: Toronto to Baltimore Part 2

In the first post of my Toronto to Baltimore road trip, I left off when we just got to Baltimore.

On the first day we went to the Baltimore Science Centre and took a water taxi to Fort McHenry. A day pass for the Water Taxi is only $12 and I would definitely recommend it.

photo 2-3               photo 3-3

Fort McHenry is a sort of park with an old fort on it. There is a $7 fee to go into the fort and take a walk around. If you are into history and all of that, do it. If not, you aren’t missing much. The park is free and gives great views.

photo 3-5photo 5-3 The next day we went to the Baltimore World Trade Centre that has a memorial for the World Trade Centre in New York City and offers great views over the city on the 27th floor.

photo 4-2DSC07801We also went to the National Aquarium. This is what I was looking forward to the most! It was very cool and I loved how the animals looked so well cared for, I was a little worried about that aspect of it. I also enjoyed how into conservation the National Aquarium was. They don’t even have straws or lids at the café which is awesome.



Next we went and saw Camden Yards, the home stadium of the Baltimore Orioles. We didn’t have time to see a game but we were able to sneak a peak of the stadium.

DSC07781 DSC07784 I would recommend getting The Harbour Pass from the visitors centre in Baltimore. It give you tickets for the National Aquarium, Science Centre, World Trade Centre and two museums (that we didn’t have time for).

That’s all for Baltimore! The next post will take us back home to Toronto. I thought I would be able to fit this entire trip into one post, but I didn’t realize how busy we were!

photo 2-5

Find part 3 here!

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Photo Friday: Boston, USA

IMG_0250.JPGBoston, 2011

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My Liebster Award Nomination

I have been nominated for The Liebster Award by The Migrant Expats (Derek and Marc). Thank you so much!

I didn’t know what The Liebster Award was until I was nominated. I don’t know how thats’s possible since almost everyone is doing by the look of it. It is a sort of chain-mail type thing for bloggers who ask the 5 people they have nominated 11 different questions.

Sounds fun!

1. Traveling isn’t just about seeing things and eating. How do you experience and learn about other cultures while traveling?

Go on a walking tour of the city. Many of the major cities I went to had free walking tours. My favourite was the one in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Usually the tour guide is from the country and can tell you so many unique things about the city, the best restaurants, etc.

2. What is your worst flying experience?

I was flying from Toronto back to London last Christmas. Of course, it was -30 and an awful snow storm was happening that night, because it is Canada and all. After the flight being delayed 4 hours to start with because of weather, and then another 4 hours because of two medical emergencies while taxiing (thankfully we hadn’t taken off yet), we finally took off and thought that we were on are way. Wrong. Turns out because of all the previous delays the crew were not legally allowed to work any longer so we had to land in Montreal. That delayed us another 4 hours while we waited for the new crew to come to the airport. Thankfully, they had Caramilk bars and frozen muffins for us to snack on.

3. What is the coolest animal you’ve seen in the wild?

It’s not really a cool animal, but it was really cool to see a herd of deer in Richmond Park in London. Who would have thought there would be so many deer in London?

4. What was your worst injury abroad?

I have been so lucky and thankfully have never had any injuries abroad! Maybe like stubbing my toe or something, but never anything major.

5. How many countries have you visited thus far?

11, not including the one I live in, but give me a break I’m new to this. I’ve only really been interested in travel for a little over a year now.

6. What is your best kept secret?

It’s a secret. 😉

7. What country do you absolutely never want to go back to?

Slovakia. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it when I was in Bratislava, but I think once was enough. It didn’t really seem all that special to me. It was a great starting place to see central Europe though!

8. What was your most expensive trip?

Other than moving to London for a year, my trip to Bergen Norway. It’s expensive there!

9. What’s the hardest part about blogging?

Being such a new blogger, I think there are many hard parts but the one I am facing a lot at the moment is thinking of something to write about when I am not traveling.

10. Why do you blog?

Because I love it! I must admit, I know I’m not the best writer but I love writing and sharing my travels. I think it will be a great thing to look back at in a few years.

11. Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

No idea. Hopefully traveling, on a homestead or both!

My Nominations:

  1. Home Behind The World Ahead
  2. Anna Idler Writes
  3. The Little Blog of Adventure
  4. Joanne Brookfield Village
  5. Madison’s Avenue

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and include a link to their blog
  • Provide answers to the eleven questions from that person
  • Give nominations to other bloggers, who have less than 500 Twitter followers
  • Ask them eleven new questions
  • Let them know about their nominations, so that they can proceed with the award process

My Questions:

  1. Where is the next place you would love to go?
  2. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and what type of structure would you live in (apartment, mansion, treehouse, etc.) if money didn’t matter?
  3. Why do you travel?
  4. Do you have any specific traditions you do when you visit somewhere new? (ie. for myself I have to buy a little souvenir for my souvenir shelf at home)
  5. What’s your worst hostel/hotel experience?
  6. What has been your favourite country or city so far?
  7. Where are you from?
  8. Would you recommend others to visit where you are from?
  9. How long have you been blogging for?
  10. What is the hardest part about traveling for you?
  11. Whats is the longest amount of time you have been away from home? Do you have a “home” or are you a nomad?
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Photo Friday: Sunrise on the Lake


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