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Bucket List: Visit the Tower of London

I realized that there are a few things that I have crossed off my bucket list that I haven’t written about. Many items are those I completed while in London. As I have admitted in previous posts, I am a … Continue reading

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The Things-That-Probably-Won’t-Happen Bucket List

You know how you have those dreams that you know probably will never happen, but you hope they will somehow be possible in the future? This is a short list of those things that I came up with: Turn the … Continue reading

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Bucket List: See a Polo Match

As much as I hate to admit it, there is a part of me that wishes I was a posh Londoner, specifically part of the royal family, extra-specifically Prince Harry’s wife. This part of me also had an urge to … Continue reading

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Bucket List: Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant

It’s safe to say, I am a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay. Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Masterchef and The F Word are all guilty pleasures of mine. Visiting one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants has been on my bucket list for … Continue reading

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Bucket List: See Prince Harry

Because I have a huge crush on Prince Harry am a fan of the Royal Family, I secretly wished I would stumble upon them in London at some point. To my surprise, this has happened twice…with Prince Harry. The first … Continue reading

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