My Bucket List

My Forever Growing Bucket List:
  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Visit Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park, Scotland, and look at the stars
  3. Visit Greenland
  4. Visit Iceland
  5. Visit Slovenia (May 2014)
  6. Visit California
  7. Swim in Croatia (May 2014)
  8. See the Statue of Liberty
  9. Climb in the Alps
  10. Swim with dolphins
  11. Swim with sharks
  12. See the Pyramids
  13. Skydive
  14. Go hangliding (July 2009)
  15. Bungee Jump
  16. Visit every continent
  17. Jet Ski
  18. Ski in the Rocky Mountains (March 2012)
  19. Ride an elephant
  20. See and walk on a glacier
  21. *Hidden*
  22. Go on an African Safari
  23. Eat a Spanish Omelette in Spain (April 2014)
  24. Visit Antarctica
  25. *Hidden*
  26. *Hidden* (May 2013)
  27. See The Grand Canyon
  28. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  29. See Prince Harry (May and July 2013)
  30. Visit the Amazon
  31. See John Ritter’s Star
  32. See Lucille Ball’s Star
  33. See John Ritter’s grave
  34. See Lucille Ball’s grave
  35. Visit Jamestown and see the Lucy and Desi Museum
  36. Gamble in Vegas
  37. *Hidden*
  38. Eat a Spider
  39. Eat in one of Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants (April 2014)
  40. Walk on an Active Volcano
  41. Visit Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
  42. Ride a Camel
  43. Eat Pizza in Italy
  44. Eat a Macaron in Paris (February 2014)
  45. Meet a tiger
  46. Walk across the Equator
  47. Walk across the Prime Meridian (October 2013)
  48. Shoot a gun
  49. Go to and camp at a massive music festival
  50. Visit Buckingham Palace (September 2013)
  51. See Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings (June 2014)
  52. Go on the London Eye (July 2013)
  53. Walk down Oxford Street, London (May 2013)
  54. Visit Hyde Park (May 2013)
  55. Visit the Tower of London (July 2013)
  56. Visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich (October 2013)
  57. Walk on London Bridge (May 2013)
  58. Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral (June 2014)
  59. See Kensington Palace (July 2013)
  60. Visit Bristol, UK
  61. Visit Brighton, UK (June 2014)
  62. Visit Faversham, UK (June 2014)
  63. Walk through Regents Park (May 2013)
  64. *Hidden* (February 2014)
  65. Walk down Brick Lane (June 2013)
  66. Visit Plymouth, UK (March 2014)
  67. Go to a gay bar/pub (February 2014)
  68. Go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (December 2013)
  69. Visit Westminster Abbey (June 2014)
  70. Visit Covent Garden (December 2013)
  71. Visit Leister Square (December 2013)
  72. Go to a Movie Premier
  73. Visit the Natural History Museum, London (January 2014)
  74. See a popular Musical
  75. Go to Abbey Road, London
  76. See a free comedy night
  77. Go zip lining
  78. Go on a sail boat
  79. Play paintball
  80. Play laser tag (November 2007)
  81. Go indoor rock climbing (February 2005)
  82. Ride a Segway
  83. Get a tattoo (June 2014)
  84. Pet a stingray (July 2007)
  85. Pet a crocodile (April 2014)
  86. Go outdoor/real rock climbing
  87. *Hidden*
  88. Go dog sledding
  89. Ride in a hot air balloon
  90. Ride a motorcycle
  91. Run a 5k
  92. Ride a horse
  93. Go on a pub crawl (May 2014)
  94. See a meteor shower
  95. Go hang gliding (July 2009)
  96. Go para sailing
  97. Go skiing (January 2004)
  98. Go skateboarding
  99. Go snowboarding
  100. Watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day
  101. Watch the ball drop in NYC
  102. Watch a polo match (May 2014)
  103. See a live taping of a TV show (July 2014 – After Degrassi)
  104. Meet Shania Twain (March 2011)
  105. Meet Adam Duritz of Counting Crows
  106. Get lost driving
  107. Visit Costa Rica
  108. Go gleaning
  109. Go dumpster diving
  110. See the Golden Gate Bridge
  111. Graduate University
  112. Learn to Swim
  113. Spontaneously buy a plane ticket
  114. Go to Egypt
  115. See Machu Picchu
  116. See Victoria Falls
  117. See the Opera House in Sydney
  118. Go Scuba Diving in Australia
  119. Go on a big road trip
  120. Eat at a sit down restaurant alone (May 2014)
  121. Try the 100 mile diet
  122. See a tiger in the wild
  123. Visit every province and territory in Canada
  124. Have a compost toilet
  125. Become a parent
  126. Own chickens
  127. Own goats
  128. Spend a night in a tree house
  129. *Hidden*
  130. Go sea kayaking in Antarctica

6 Responses to My Bucket List

  1. Great list! We have many in common. I’m impressed that you have done so many on here already. How long have you been working on this?

    • Laura says:

      Thanks so much! It’s actually quite recent. I started the blog about a year ago but truly put my mind to it in the last few months. I was have been travelling on an off for the past year and backpacked for three weeks (wish it could have been longer!) through a few countries in Europe where I crossed a lot of things off. So for a simple answer, less than a year.

      Love the concept of your blog by the way!

  2. We are going to New York within the next year.

    That is all.

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