Bucket List: Visit the Tower of London

I realized that there are a few things that I have crossed off my bucket list that I haven’t written about. Many items are those I completed while in London. As I have admitted in previous posts, I am a huge sucker for the Royal Family, so of course I had to visit the Tower of London and see the Crown Jewels, etc.


The first time I went, I was with a friend and the line to see the Crown Jewels was HUGE. I felt bad making her wait in line so I went back a second time (I’m so hardcore). I can’t find any photos of them so my guess is they didn’t allow you to take pictures, but trust me, they were gorgeous.

The Tower give you a great view of Tower Bridge and they have some really interesting items such as armour, furniture and thrones. Definitely a must-see attraction in London.

DSC06155 DSC06159

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2 Responses to Bucket List: Visit the Tower of London

  1. It’s is one of my favorite tours in London. I’ve done it twice too. Did you take the Beefeater tour? I highly recommend it. They are great. They share so much history as they take you all around the grounds, and Castle then they turn you loose to continue exploring on your own.

    My trip and visit to the Tower of London I purchased from the store a Christmas ornament that looks like one of the Queen’s crowns. I love it.

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