Four Reasons You Should Try Solo Travel (At Least Once)

I wrote this article for Passion8 Magazine originally which you can find here. There are some great articles and it is definitely worth taking a look through.

When I tell people that I lived in London, UK and traveled to a few places in Europe this past year, they usually ask who I went with. When I say I went alone, some people comment on how “brave” that is, while others react with sadness with the assumption that I have no friends. The latter of which is not true (I believe).

I feel as though some people think they will discover their “true selves” or have some sort of breakthrough in life, if they travel alone. For me, this did not happen and I think it rarely does. I must admit, I have changed for the better, but it’s really not as that drastic or spiritual as the internet makes it sound.

I personally believe  that everyone should travel alone at least once in their life. Some may find that they do not enjoy it and others, such as myself, will love it. Thinking back to my travels, I came up with four reasons why you should try solo travel (at least once):

1) The opportunity to go where you want, when you want: Are you tired? Do you want to go back to the hostel yet? Are you sure, because I dont mind staying out longer? Well, its up to you. It doesnt matter. This doesn’t happen when you travel alone!

2) Meet new people: Staying in hostels, if you chose to, gives you the opportunity to make friends with people from around the world. I met so many inspiring people, and a few I hope to stay in touch with and visit in the future.

3) No need to wait for people to have the money or time: Many people put off traveling until they have the time and money to do it, which is completely fine, but if you have the time and money now, why wait for someone else? Why not just go?

4) Learn about you: When you travel alone you are with only yourself and your thoughts. You learn so much about your strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. You also have the chance to gain confidence in yourself and your decisions.

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About Laura

I am a young Canadian with a passion for travel and green living. I also have an unhealthy addiction to Netflix and coffee. Follow along on my travels and my journey to more sustainable living!
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3 Responses to Four Reasons You Should Try Solo Travel (At Least Once)

  1. Mozart D. L. says:

    Very cool!! These people who react as if you have no friends ahah It is even funny ahah C’mon, people! There is a whole world to explore, learn from, experience!
    From 14 December 2013 to 3 February 2014 I was for the first time abroad. I went to travel through Europe: mainly Italy, but still with some days in Wales, Edinburgh and Luxembourg, passing very briefly through Trier (Germany) and Brussels. I went there to meet my friends I knew from internet and it was amazing! Some of them even gave me a place to sleep in their houses, it was amazingly super cool! And almost all these friends, we keep in touch talking by internet and planning things for a possible future. So let’s see what happens! I believe that if people travelled more we would be a world of less prejudice, less fear of life and people! It is good trusting in the goodness of people! And also it is cool the adventure eheheh
    (Sorry for the rambling comment, but I can see what you say, the inspiration of a solo travel and I couldn’t read this without saying nothing! ahah)

    • Mozart D. L. says:

      Oh yes! And of course I am back but already am saving to do something eheh And I want to do something bigger than this previous experience, living abroad as you did! eheh

    • Laura says:

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I definitely agree with you! I’m glad to hear you had a good time abroad and so glad to hear someone agrees that solo travel is worth it.

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