My Quest to a More Sustainable Life: My Vegan Issues

I don’t know why, but this time it feels so much different going vegan.

I was a vegan from September 2011 – May 2012. I chose to return to vegetarianism May 2012 for many reason that I won’t get into. Two big ones were: not having too much support from my friends and family, and returning to living at home with a meat-eating family so it was easier to be vegetarian.

I must say I am very glad I was not a vegan when I was traveling in Europe, I found it difficult just as a vegetarian. I very much admire those who travel to places with different cultures as a vegan. While I was living in London though, I was surrounded by people who not only understood and supported veganism, but also many people living a vegan lifestyle.

Now I am back at university, and kind of sad that I don’t have the massive support I would have had in London. Don’t get me wrong, I do have support here and very much appreciate it, but in London I was surrounded by people with the same interests and passions. I felt so motivated while I was surrounded by those people, that’s when I decided I would return to veganism when I started university again. Now that I’m back and I don’t have people who are so passionate about the same things as me around, I feel so unmotivated to be a vegan. Deep down I know it’s what I want to do, and what I should be doing right now, but being surrounded by people who make off hand comments and who don’t care (or care enough to ask) why I chose to become a vegan (and I mean really ask) and why it means so much to me, makes me wonder if it’s all worth the effort.

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About Laura

I am a young Canadian with a passion for travel and green living. I also have an unhealthy addiction to Netflix and coffee. Follow along on my travels and my journey to more sustainable living!
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2 Responses to My Quest to a More Sustainable Life: My Vegan Issues

  1. Danielle Janssen says:

    Hey there,
    I was a vegetarian 6 years and have been vegan for the past 2 years. I understand what you mean about not having the same kind of people around you, I went veg when I was 8 and the majority of my family thought I was crazy. I guess deep down though I just knew it was right. It’s difficult being on the right side of a socially accepted wrong (if your vegan for ethical reasons) I feel the only real way to get support and acceptance is to find people online. There are millions of vegans on social networks. And trust me its worth the effort, going vegan was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. And remember we’re vegan and we’re making history by being on the right side of a socially accepted wrong.
    Good luck 🙂 xx

    • Laura says:

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I found a vegan/vegetarian club on campus that I am going to join so hopefully that will give me the little push I need. I will also look for an online community like you said too! 🙂

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