Road Trip Adventure: Toronto to Baltimore Part 2

In the first post of my Toronto to Baltimore road trip, I left off when we just got to Baltimore.

On the first day we went to the Baltimore Science Centre and took a water taxi to Fort McHenry. A day pass for the Water Taxi is only $12 and I would definitely recommend it.

photo 2-3               photo 3-3

Fort McHenry is a sort of park with an old fort on it. There is a $7 fee to go into the fort and take a walk around. If you are into history and all of that, do it. If not, you aren’t missing much. The park is free and gives great views.

photo 3-5photo 5-3 The next day we went to the Baltimore World Trade Centre that has a memorial for the World Trade Centre in New York City and offers great views over the city on the 27th floor.

photo 4-2DSC07801We also went to the National Aquarium. This is what I was looking forward to the most! It was very cool and I loved how the animals looked so well cared for, I was a little worried about that aspect of it. I also enjoyed how into conservation the National Aquarium was. They don’t even have straws or lids at the café which is awesome.



Next we went and saw Camden Yards, the home stadium of the Baltimore Orioles. We didn’t have time to see a game but we were able to sneak a peak of the stadium.

DSC07781 DSC07784 I would recommend getting The Harbour Pass from the visitors centre in Baltimore. It give you tickets for the National Aquarium, Science Centre, World Trade Centre and two museums (that we didn’t have time for).

That’s all for Baltimore! The next post will take us back home to Toronto. I thought I would be able to fit this entire trip into one post, but I didn’t realize how busy we were!

photo 2-5

Find part 3 here!

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