Road Trip Adventure: From Toronto to Baltimore and Back

Last week, my mom and I went on our very first road trip from Toronto to Baltimore, Maryland while making a few stops along the way. We divided the 8 hour drive into two days which allowed us to take our time and stop when we pleased.

The drive from New York state to Maryland is lovely with rolling hills, lakes and lots of trees. We made a pit stop at the Welcome Centre in Pennsylvania which had a great, and unexpected, view.

IMG_6823 copy


The stop for the first night was in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. We didn’t book a hotel and thought we would just go to the first one we saw…bad idea. It was the Little League World Series in Williamsport that weekend which meant that pretty much every hotel was booked solid with hyper 10 year old boys and their exhausted parents. Thankfully, after some searching, the Comfort Inn was able to give us a room so we didn’t have to sleep on a park bench. The next morning, after our complimentary breakfast of course, we got out of Williamsport and away from the crazy fans as soon as possible.

The next stop before Baltimore was Harrisburg, PA, about an hour and a half south of Williamsport. Little known fact: Harrisburg is home to the longest “stone masonry arch railroad viaduct” in the world. Basically, there was a huge bridge that was really pretty. The waterfront also had a really beautiful park with some interesting sculptures.

photo 1-3IMG_6872IMG_6864

After continuing on our way and arriving in Baltimore, we made the short walk from the hotel (Baltimore Harbor Hotel) to the harbor, where we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.


photo 3-6

photo 1-6 photo 2-6

We spent three nights in Baltimore and made a stop in Corning, NY for a night before returning home. All that (and more) will be in a future post as this one is quite long already!

You can find part 2 here!

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