Bucket List: Walk Across the Prime Meridian

Being a geography student, I found walking across the prime meridian in Greenwich, London probably more exciting than the average person.

I went to Greenwich in October 2013 (sorry I’m late). We visited Greenwich Park and The Royal Observatory. Greenwich itself is definitely top 5 on my list of my favourite places in London. The buildings are beautiful, along with having great shops, restaurants and pubs. The Royal Observatory gives you a great view over the museum down below and Canary Wharf. There is also a monument outside the Observatory which was a gift from Canada (woot woot!).

DSC06264 DSC06262

Once in the Royal Observatory, you are able to go outside and see the meridian…the best bit! When I was there, there was about a 15 minute wait to stand on the line. That’s right, you have to wait in line to stand on the line, but it’s totally worth it.


Look at how happy I am! I am in the Western AND Easter Hemispheres. Wowza!

There is also a green laser from the main building that shines through London. You can apparently see it at night as far as 36 miles away. I always forgot to look for it though. Have you ever seen it?



You can see my entire bucket list here. 

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2 Responses to Bucket List: Walk Across the Prime Meridian

  1. I live in London and didn’t know about the Prime Meridian haha. I need to go and do this 🙂

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