Traveling Through The Rocky Mountains at 87

My grandparents are a huge part of my life and wonderful role models. They have been married 57 years and are 86 and 87 years old.

Three years ago, our family had a scare when my Grandpa was admitted to the intensive care unit at the hospital with terrible pneumonia. He was hooked up to every wire and machine imaginable. Thankfully, but slowly, he recovered.

Last week, my grandma and him flew to Vancouver, BC for a nine day trip through the Rocky Mountains by train. They making stops every day where they were able to sightsee around places such as Jasper and Kamloops, BC.

They safely made it back to Toronto and had a wonderful time. They have always loved to travel and, clearly, nothing as changed. I think that’s where I got some of my travel bug from. I remember being a kid and them bring home pens from hotels they stayed in and little souvenirs, such as a piece of the Rock of Gibraltar.

They were tired out by the end of it and said that it would be their last big trip. They might still go on senior bus trips, but nothing fancy.

I am so proud of my Grandparents for going and being such an inspiration for the way I hope to live my life. I truly hope I am still traveling at the age of 87, with or without the love of my life. I also hope I’m still blogging at 87 too.



About Laura

I am a young Canadian with a passion for travel and green living. I also have an unhealthy addiction to Netflix and coffee. Follow along on my travels and my journey to more sustainable living!
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