Pula and Rovinj, Croatia

This is the eighth, and last, entry of a series of posts from my Europe trip. Find the first one here.

After visiting Bled, Slovenia, I had the idea of going to Zadar croatia. After looking up bus/train options from Bled it was going to be way too much money and take too much time. I searched for other places along the coast of Croatia that were easy to get to but also had a reasonable flight price to get back to London. I decided to go to Pula. It would still take me over 5 hours to get there, but the flight with RyanAir was really cheap.

I booked the train from Ljubljana and it consisted of two transfers, but there was also a closure on part of the track so in the end I ended up taking two buses and three trains to get to Pula. As complicated as it sounds, it was relatively simple.

I ended up staying at Riva Hostel. It was your standard hostel. It was clean with nice staff and right on the coast. I met some quite a few people in this hostel and we decided to take a day trip to Rovinj, a small town just north of Pula and is only about an hour by bus.

It was such a cute little place with tons of character. We spent the day walking around, hanging out by the waterfront, eating and plating this weird card game.



There is a fountain in the centre square (seen in the photo below) that the two losers of the card game were dared to hop around like kangaroos. I was one of the losers. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of me hopping.DSC07477

DSC07472The next two days I spent seeing the sights and taking the city bus to the beach.




Being on my own, and not really enjoying swimming anyway, I only dipped my feet in the water…it was cold. There were lots of rocks to climb on and explore on the coast which I found much more exciting than I would have found swimming.



Overall, Pula was a beautiful place. I think it would have been funner with friends (*gasp* did I just say that?). I have to say that it was my least favourite place I visited but I think it was because there wasn’t much to actually see, but more to do with friends such as swimming, eating, etc.

This wraps up my first solo trip through Europe. I would LOVE to do it again and would highly recommend it. It was definitely an amazing experience and I learned so much.

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