The Things-That-Probably-Won’t-Happen Bucket List

You know how you have those dreams that you know probably will never happen, but you hope they will somehow be possible in the future? This is a short list of those things that I came up with:

  • Turn the back of an old pickup truck into a bed and drive around the USA
  • Become a full-time traveller
  • Become a volcanologist
  • Research climate change in the Arctic
  • Own a smallholding/homestead
  • Be a roadie for a band

I want to do so many things with my life and I know that all of these won’t be feasible with the short time I have on Earth. I hope to at least complete a couple. Which ones? We will have to see what the future brings to answer that question!

Is there anything on your bucket list that you want to do, but don’t know if you will be able to complete?

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Duckling! 😀


About Laura

I am a young Canadian with a passion for travel and green living. I also have an unhealthy addiction to Netflix and coffee. Follow along on my travels and my journey to more sustainable living!
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4 Responses to The Things-That-Probably-Won’t-Happen Bucket List

  1. Hm. I’m stubbornly thinking I can still complete all the things on my list ;P
    I know it’s not the same thing, I could introduce you to know someone I know who works in the Antarctic that maybe would know researchers in the same field who go to the Arctic area instead:–howard

  2. My Dad’s Step Mom’s Mom (My Step-Great-Grandmother?) is a roadie for a band. It’s never too late to follow your dreams!

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