Bled, Slovenia

This is the seventh entry of a series of posts from my Europe trip. Find the first one here.

After a few nights in Ljubljana, I took a bus up to Bled, Slovenia. It was 16 Euros for a round trip and an hour each way.

The night before leaving, I booked a room at a vila, which is basically a house turned into a small hotel. It sounds far more fancy than it actually was. This was probably the biggest mistake of my trip. I thought being an introvert and after staying in so many hostels, I would want a couple nights to myself in a private room. Wrong. I was so lonely and missed having random people to chat to. Bled is also filled with lots of older people and the food is pretty much all fancy restaurants with waiters. Being so used to hostels, I went to the grocery store and got some broccoli and pasta for dinner, but upon returning to the “vila” I realized there was no kitchen. I was too sad, lonely and frustrated to go out and eat alone so I ended up having raw broccoli dipped in cold pasta sauce for dinner. Yum.

Other than feeling lonely in the evenings, Bled was by far the prettiest stop I made. It was so lovely! There isn’t much to do in Bled other than walking around the lake and going to the Castle at the top of the hill. There is also the church in the middle of the lake, but I skipped it.

I would recommend renting a bike, if you are able as it is much easier to get around (plus it’s fun and great exercise!). I am definitely returning in the future, but with a travel partner!

There isn’t much more I can add word-wise to this post, so I will leave you with tons of lovely pictures (if I do say so myself).

DSC07328 DSC07332 DSC07384 DSC07371DSC07355DSC07399 DSC07321

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4 Responses to Bled, Slovenia

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  2. You’re right it is very pretty! I love your second image. Very picturesque!

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