Zagreb, Croatia

This is the fifth entry of a series of posts from my Europe trip. Find the first one here.

This is going to be quite a short entry as I was ill (just a small cold) for my time in Zagreb. I was still able to see everything I wanted to see and out of all the places I visited I am glad it was in Zagreb. The weather was miserable while I was there, and so was I.


There is this super weird museum in Zagreb called “The Museum of Broken Relationships”. It is filled with items donated by everyday people that remind them of past relationships. Each item has a short description/story beside it from the person who donated it. Some of the stories are funny and some are sad. It’s definitely a cool place to check out. They move the museum all over the world so it might be in your area soon!


The rest of the day was spent walking around and then heading back to the hostel (Chic Hostel) for some rest.

DSC07199 DSC07209 DSC07226 DSC07229

The next day I met this lovely guy in the hostel from Mexico. He is a street artist and got into contact with some of the artists in Zagreb and was painting this old building. I decided to tag along and see what all the fuss with street art is about.

After stopping at an amazing veggie restaurant, Vegehop, we walked to the location. It was an old concrete building with no walls. It was the first time I had ever been somewhere like this. The paintings were unbelievable.

DSC07230 DSC07235

Unfortunately, I was feeling ill and decided to head back to the hostel before he started painting.

I can’t really give an accurate opinion of Zagreb since I was ill and miserable. It does have lots of character and I have nothing bad to say about the city. I don’t think I would return, personally, but I do recommend a quick visit.

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