Budapest, Hungary

This is the fourth entry of a series of posts from my Europe trip. Find the first one here.

Oh, Budapest.


It was definitely one of the more interesting stops on my trip. I met an American in Vienna and just happened we were planning on going to Budapest on the same day. Because I didn’t have anything booked, I decided to stay at the same hostel as him to make things simple. He was staying at Retox Hostel. It ended up being one of the most memorable palaces I went to.


The first day out in the real world was filled with seeing the sights such as the Buda Castle. There is a market with dancing, traditional food, gifts and archery. Inspired by Daryl Dixon, I decided to shoot a cross bow.

DSC07141 DSC07160


There is also Gellért Hill located beside the castle with walking trails leading up to the top. It was a trek and a half but definitely worth it for the view. On my way up, it started to pour down rain but thankfully I found a tree that covered me from most of it.

DSC07176 DSC07173 DSC07178
 The second day I went caving with a friend. It was the first time I had ever gone and it was like nothing I had done before. I knew it was going to be squishy but I didn’t realize how tight some of the passages would be. The guide tells you to go through tight spots in certain positions or else you get stuck!

Here is an awful photo of me in my caving gear:


If you like nightlife mixed with history, Budapest is definitely the place to go. I would highly recommend Retox or any of their sister hostels as well!

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