Reflecting On My Travel Goals

Before I left for my three week solo European trip, I set 4 goals for myself (found here). Here’s a quick reflection on if I feel I met the goals:

1)   Talk to at least one friendly looking person in each hostel: Completed.
I successfully talked to at least one (usually more) people in each hostel! I met many friends along the way. There are two people that stand out amongst those I met. I definitely want to keep in contact with them. Thank goodness for Facebook!

2)   Say “Yes”: Completed.
Many times through out the trip I said “yes”. I don’t think I ever declined an invitation to do something. Saying yes lead me to go caving, go on a pub crawl, and much more.

3)   Go on a guided or self-guided tour: Completed.
In Ljubljana, I went on a free guided walk of the city. It was the first time I went on a tour of a city and it was brilliant. I learned so many cool facts and little tid-bits around the city. I think going on the tour contributed to making Ljubljana my favourite stop.

4)   Don’t be afraid to eat in a proper restaurant alone: Completed, could have been better.
In Bled, Slovenia I managed to force myself to eat in a restaurant alone. I think the only reason really did it was to complete this goal (I guess goal setting does work). Bled had no take out or any sort of fast food and my accommodations didn’t have any kitchen facilities. I was forced to either eat raw things from the supermarket or eat at a proper restaurant…alone. I chose the first option for the three days I was there except for the last night when I couldn’t stand bread and raw broccoli anymore. I decided to chose this lovely little place with many vegetarian options. I brought a book incase things got weird, but they never did. I had a yummy vegetable stir-fry with couscous. Even though it was a bit stressful working up the courage to go, I am really glad I did. I definitely won’t say eating alone is enjoyable but it’s not as bad as you might think.

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About Laura

I am a young Canadian with a passion for travel and green living. I also have an unhealthy addiction to Netflix and coffee. Follow along on my travels and my journey to more sustainable living!
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