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Photo Friday: Chicken at the Wheel

Chicken at on the Wheel Advertisements

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Paris, France

In February, I took a long weekend and went to Paris and Cologne. I spent two days in each city which was enough time in Cologne, but I could have spent longer in Paris as there is so much to … Continue reading

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Quick Update

I am currently two weeks through my three week trip in Central/Eastern Europe. I am currently in Ljubljana, Slovenia and have a bit of a cold sadly. I haven’t really been blogging much because I lost my handy little SD … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Vienna, Austria

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The Importance of Looking Behind You When Traveling

Please try and bare with me, this isn’t a safety lecture. My Dad has always told me to look behind me when walking by myself, especially at night, for safety reason (ie to make sure no one is following you, … Continue reading

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I am secretly a ZOMBIE

For the past two weekends, my friend and I have participated in 2.8 Days Later in London. 2.8 Days Later is a “real life” zombie apocalypse in which players try to complete a mission while avoiding getting infected by zombies. … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Norway

Mount Ulriken, Bergen, Norway

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